Digitization in Transport & Logistic:

With increasing customer demands and constant changes, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to design their Transport & Logistic efficiently and agile, as well as to guarantee the security of supply of their customers.

Transport & Logistic 4.0 Definition

Transport & Logistics 4.0 is a data and networking-based support for inter-company transports. The application of digital technologies leads to more transparent, agile and efficient processes in control, organization and execution.

Digitization of Transport & Logistics

Digitization offers an optimization of the entire transport chain, from order acceptance, pick-up to delivery, as well as a reduction in operating costs and also a flexible transport network.

However, this digitization also means investment, because it is complex and requires technical know-how. As a result, many small and medium-sized businesses are shying away from investing in digitization and favoring smaller investments in traditional assets such as new vehicles or warehouses. This path looks like it would bring less risk, but it leaves companies in the long run detached from the competition.

In order for these small and medium-sized companies to have a chance, we, with Loxy, make it possible for them to enter digitalization with a price that is accessible to all.

Those who do not want to be left behind in the long run must therefore take the step to Transport & Logistics 4.0, which is strongly supported by Satcom, with Loxy.