Devices & Installation

Devices and things are part of the Internet of Things. Numerous manufacturers and suppliers are represented on the market and offer hardware that can be linked with the Internet and other devices. It is often difficult for clients to assess what hardware to install. That is the reason we also offer advice on hardware and its application.

In addition to the integration of existing customer hardware and systems, we also offer a hardware platform, which is readily integrated in LOXY4.0. This enables small and medium-sized companies to start digitizing already today without having to carry out expensive and complex projects.

Thus, systems such as GPS Tracker, RFID Gate, Industrial Tablet and smartphones can be instantly installed and activated.

Mobile Installation Service

IoT systems also require installations outside their own office space. Whether on vehicles, workplaces or other infrastructures, we offer an installation service by Satcom technicians. For standardized products we have a partner network for on-site installations throughout Switzerland.

Satcom offers a storage space at Zurich Airport.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a collective term used for technologies of a global infrastructure of information societies, which makes it possible to network physical and virtual objects and to let them work together through information and communication technologies.

Functions which have been implemented with “Internet of Things” technologies allow for the interaction between humans and any connected electronic systems as well as between the systems themselves. Moreover, they can also assist people with their activities.