End to End Services

The merger of different providers into one ecosystem creates high performance end-to-end applications from devices through the server up to customer application.

Satcom has a technology network of partners, that enables the implementation of customer solutions in the digital world with a click. Our cloud platforms (CH & abroad) are directly connected to the scalable services and will be managed by us for you.

Therefore, you need not concern yourself about services from other vendors, which are integrated in your digitization solution. We make the updates and ascertain that the operation is secure. In addition, we will inform you about technological changes and news so that you are kept in the loop.

What are important partners for an End-to-End Solution

The cloud provider provides you with storage for your data and ascertains the security of the server. Most cloud providers have a pay-per-use system that allows them to scale their power requirements on a utility basis. This is especially useful for IoT & AI applications – as the processor performance can be accelerated depending on the request.

Communication providers establish internet connections to the cloud providers, other providers and the Internet. Communication is established via cable lines and via mobile networks. Depending on the demand, the required bandwidths can therefore be switched on.

Numerous other vendors provide data that is used for IoT and AI platforms as basic information resources. Examples: map material, traffic data, weather data, news, financial data etc.

End to End Service
End to End Service

The End-to-End Service is a process that provides a functional solution from start to finish. Any additional service providers do not have to be integrated into the process, as these additional services are already implemented as standard services. This simplifies the process flow for the client at various levels. The technical interface is already available, and their support and maintenance is regulated by the providers. Furthermore, no administrative expenses are incurred, since the end-to-end service is already included in the overall solution.