IoT & AI Solutions

The digital change by the Internet will alter the manner in which we work and live. The interplay of man and machine is an interesting challenge that has a lasting impact on the future of the markets.

We support companies with new business models and the implementation of digitization solutions and their connection to the ecosystems.

Through the platform LOXY 4.0 with integrated IoT & AI technology, we already offer entry into the internet of things today. The combination of economic and industrial processes opens up new possibilities in process development and real-time information exchange.

Whether you are searching for an OOTB (Out of the Box) solution or need your own ideas and visions for your tailor-made solution, we are happy to connect with you and discuss about the future of digitization that commences today.

Process Development Redefined

With the use of IoT and AI technologies, process development is redefined. Existing processes are integrated into a network that optimizes the processes and accelerates the flow of information and decision-making.

Thereby processes that are too monotonous can be better controlled and thus curb errors. The employee will have more time to focus on the relevant decisions and tasks, that cannot be executed by machines. The goal is to optimally integrate man and machine into the processes, thereby increasing the efficiency of the company and relieve the employees as well.

Employees will not be replaced by machines, but will rather be assisted in their tasks and shall therefore be able to better concentrate on their areas of expertise.

One of the most important Industrial Revolution

Industry 4.0 refers to the new industrial revolution that begins today.

Being part of this revolution is not a question of an individual opinion, but is a developmental step that has a global impact. History has already shown that the connection to these new revolutions of technology are exist existentially.

Industry 4.0 is one of the most important revolutions – as by the networking of ecosystems an information flow is created, that massively enhances the possibilities of future developments.