Support & Maintenance

More and more applications and devices are being used for digitization. These require updates and maintenance in order to ensure that the operation of the system solutions is guaranteed. Satcom offers you the support and maintenance you need for all systems. If desired, you can arrange a service level agreement with us to guarantee operation.

Since the goal of digitization should lead to more cost efficiency, it is important to keep maintenance and support costs as low as possible. That is another good reason to use LOXY4.0. Most systems can be updated remotely (VPN, OTA, etc.). This saves on-site operations, staff costs and travel expenses.

Support is also required if you wish to integrate new features into the existing system. Here we also offer the possibility of updating the system remotely. As a customer, you can carry out the updates yourself via the APP Center for our mobile APPs. You can also manage the creation and blocking of APP users and authorizations yourself.

We also provide on-site support

Some systems or incidents require on-site support. If a device / sensor has a defect, it must be replaced on site. These tasks are performed by our technicians or installation partners. We also offer on-site operations before and after out of office hours and on weekends.

At Zurich Airport we have a warehouse with most equipment and spare parts; and can therefore deliver replacements in a short span of time to ensure your business runs smoothly. If required, replacement devices can be sent by post within 24 hours throughout Switzerland.

Our technician vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art workshop equipment so that everything can operate smoothly on site. The vehicles also carry a variety of replacement devices and cables, so we can handle even any unforeseen conditions on the ground.