Training & Workshops

Cloud platforms must be user-friendly and self-explanatory for users, so that the training time and effort can be kept low. Work will be carried out more and more on screens or on other display systems, therefore the systems should also be adapted to the surrounding.

We offer our customers courses and trainings for all systems. The goal is to achieve as short a training period as possible for the systems. The trainings are conducted in accordance with individual modules and staff locations.

For updates and new operations, we offer on our website instructions and tutorials to help you find your way around certain topics and achieve results faster.

Workshop: a Tie for Digitization

Since the use of artificial intelligence will significantly change the processes and bring the interaction between man and machine to the same level, in addition to the standard training, workshops are also offered so that employees can be enthusiastic about digitization.

At Future workshops, we exchange ideas and opportunities with customers, which combine the processes with digitization in their daily routine. The best developments arise when our customers incorporate their existing experience into the applications and are thus optimally aligned for their use. This is how tomorrow’s solutions are realized today.

The future depends on what we do and pass on today. Working for a profit requires stronger collaboration today, in order to promote growth for development.